Teacher Use: Purchase Order and Paycheck info


Instructions for

FILLABLE Purchase Order


To ACCESS forms:


  • Select "MPS Purchase Order


To COMPLETE "Purchase Order" form:

  • All spaces that are fillable are shaded. You may need to click on "Highlight fields" in upper right corner to see shaded spaces, but you should click off "Highlight fields" before printing in order to save toner.
  • For all sections of the purchase order, click on (or tab to) the appropriate lines and type in the information.
  • A QUANTITY and UNIT PRICE must be entered. The EXTENSION is automatically filled in.
  • For a purchase with only one amount, use a QUANTITY of 1, and use the total amount for the UNIT PRICE.
  • In the ITEMS section, provide an adequate description of the item(s) or service being purchased.
  • For SHIPPING/HANDLING, use a QUANTITY of 1. The UNIT PRICE will be the estimated charges. If there are no charges, the line can be left blank.
  • The TOTAL (at the bottom of the EXTENSION column) is automatically filled in.
  • NOTE: If the EXTENSION and TOTAL fields are not automatically filled in, then submit a work order to the MPS Technology Support Department for assistance to correct the problem.


To PRINT "Purchase Order" form:

  • A set of carbonized paper in the following order must be used: white, green, yellow, pink, goldenrod. These are located outside Lauren's office.
  • Insert the paper in your laser printer.
  • Print 5 copies of the purchase order.
  • NOTE: If all 5 copies are not required, print only the ones that are necessary in order to save toner.


To FINISH the "Purchase Order" process:

  • Use a paper clip to keep each purchase order set together. DO NOT STAPLE.
  • If necessary, the completed purchase order can be saved as a separate file in your computer. For most purchase orders, it will not be necessary to save. The purchase order form can be accessed from the MPS intranet site for each new purchase order.
  • Secure appropriate signature. Make sure the forms are in order and the signature is on each page.


Instructions for Internet Access for Paycheck Statements and W-2s


                                          INSTRUCTIONS FOR INTERNET ACCESS

                                             Paycheck Statements and  W‐2s  


It's important to change your password. Your MPS network/computer password will be used to access paycheck statements and W‐2s. Anyone who knows your password will be able to see the documents. Therefore, you should change your password immediately. Do not share it with anyone - unless you want them to have access to your information.

See the attached instructions to change your password. The first page gives instructions if the computer operating software is Windows 7 and the second page if the computer operating software is Windows XP. The steps on both pages are the same, but the computer screen images are slightly different.

To change your password you must log on to an MPS computer on the MPS network. Your password must have a minimum of 8 characters (any character can be used).

  Contact the MPS Technology Support Services Department Help Desk at 223‐6810 or IP# 70229 if you No one in the MPS Technology Support Services unable to change your password and need assistance. Department knows your password, but they can reset your password so you can then create a new one.


Note: You can use any device that has internet access (computer, iPad, smart phone, etc.).

1. Go to MPS website: http://www.mps.k12.al.us/

2. Click on "For Employees" box (upper right of screen).

3. Click on "Payroll Information".

4.Log on using your MPS network username and password. [Your username is usually your first and

last names with a period in between them (ex: john.doe).] IMPORTANT! You may be asked if

Otherwise, anyone else who you want the password saved or remembered. Always say NO.

uses the device could access your information.

5. Select "Paycheck Statement" or "W‐2". Your latest paycheck statement or W‐2 should be

displayed on the right side of the screen. Click "Prev Doc" to get paycheck information for prior

months, or you can define a range of dates in the "From Date" and "To Date" blocks. Paycheck

statements for calendar years 2013 and 2014 should be available. W‐2s for 2013, 2012 and 2011

should be available. (Note: If the document displays on the entire screen, then your computer

settings may need to be adjusted. The MPS Technology Support Services Department can be

contacted for assistance if you are using a MPS computer.) You can also print the document or

save it to a new file.

6. After viewing the information, ALWAYS log out (so no one else can access the information). Click "logout" in the upper left of screen - by Welcome and your name.