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Lloyd, Sonya Assistant Principal
Sankey, Barbara Principal
Adams, Jennifer Administrative Secretary
Harmon, Mary Guidance Counselor & College Advisor
Garrison, Sharon IB Coordinator
Lipska, Christopher Technology Coordinator & Interpersonal Relations, Youth Leadership
Estes, Susanne Library
Meeks, Carol Guidance

Aaij, Gina AP Lang & Comp/IB Lit/Yearbook
Allen, Andrew Science: AP Biology
Bailey, Janice Language: Latin I, II, III, AP, Latin Ab Initio SL, A2 SL
Baker, Jeff History: APUSH, Field Study
Bartlett, Michael History:AP European, Sociology
Black, Roy Tech. Ed.: Computer Science, Comp. Sc. SLIB,Career Prep A, Head Tennis
Bradford, Brannon Language: Spanish III & AP, Spanish B SLIB
Chambliss, Sally Visual Arts
Collins, Brice Language: German I, II, III, AP
Colvin, Christopher Research, Speech, and Debate / Head Cross Country
Computer, AP
Computer, Apps I
Computer , Apps II
Daniel, Paul Math: AP Calculus AB/BC, IB Math HL
Estes, Susanne Library
Farquhar, Robert History: World 1500-present, AP European
Graben, Kathy Science: Honors Chemistry, Physics SLIB
Hann, Clarence Science: Honors Chemistry & AP Chemistry / Science Olympiad
Harmon, Mary Guidance Counselor & College Advisor
Hayes, Lizzy Math: AP Calculus AB, Mathematics HLIB
Hudson, Donnie Social Studies: AP Government /AP Economics
Hudson, Wendy Language: Spanish I & II/ CAS Advisor
Hutchinson, Ryeneshia Science: AP Chemistry
Lipska, Christopher Technology Coordinator & Interpersonal Relations, Youth Leadership
Lloyd, Sonya Assistant Principal
Lucier, Michael Science: Biology AP, SLIB
McCord, Monica AP Statistics and Advanced Geometry
McIntyre, Rebekah History, Junior Civitan, Freshmen Class, Cross-Country, and Track
McKissick, Mary Math: Hon Alg II/T, Advanced Geometry
Nordgren, Bess English: Gr 9 Honors, AP Language
Norris, Anthony Math: Honors Precalculus / Head Softball
Pearson, Michael Driver Education
Russell, Betsy History: LIMUN, APUSH, Contemporary Iss., Hist. of Americas
Shipp, Catherine English: Gr 9 Honors
Smith, Chad Science: Honors Biology / Assist. Baseball
Smith, Lyndon Science: Physics B AP
Summers, Renee English: AP Literature and Composition
Thornton, Michael Research, Speech, Debate and Basketball
Townsend, Marcus Physical Education
White, Kwan English: Honors English 10
Wilson, Kate French 1, 2, 3, AP, and IB, and Scholars Bowl
Wright, Ronda Physical Education / Athletic Director
Yu, Juan Language: Chinese I, II, III, Language & Culture

Yates, Lauren Bookkeeper