Ms.  Mary George  Jester
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Principal's Bio


Mary George Jester
Formal Education: 
AA certification in School Leadership       AUM
M A in Dramatic Art                               University of North Carolina/Chapel Hill
Certification in Guidance & Counseling     University of North Carolina/Chapel Hill
BA in Speech, Drama, English                 Huntingdon College
Educational Experience:
1996-2000    Educational Specialist/Director of Magnet Programs                     Montgomery Public Schools
1994-96       Principal                                                                                   Lanier High School
1984-94       Founding Director, Lanier Academic Motivational Program (LAMP)   Lanier High School
1981-84       Assistant Principal                                                                       Lanier High School
1974-81       Assistant Principal                                                                       Georgia Washington Junior High School
1972-74       Teacher of Speech, Drama, English                                               Lanier High School
1971-72       Teacher of Speech, Drama, English                                              Floyd Junior High School