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Parent Pickup and Drop off Information for Houston Hill

We are still attempting to make drop-off and pick-up of students work more smoothly, so we are going to try one additional option to see if it makes things smoother. I have serious concerns about allowing students to cross Hall Street due to the fact that southbound traffic from Madison Avenue is driving up a hill and may not see a student who is crossing the street.

That said, in an attempt to cooperate with the Montgomery Police Department, we will allow you to pick up and drop off by parking on Pelham Street, which runs perpendicular to the school. If you choose to use the Pelham Street pick-up/drop-off, you will need to turn onto Hilliard Street off Adams Avenue, drive north to Pelham and park on the south side of the street facing LAMP. If you choose this pick-up/drop-off plan, you will then exit Pelham Street by turning RIGHT (south) onto Hall Street. You will not be allowed to turn north due to traffic concerns.

You are encouraged to continue to use the Hall Street pick-up/drop-off plan because we feel this approach is by far the safest plan for your student.

We will continue to work on this issue until we get it right. As always, thank you for your continued cooperation.

Venkata Macha was named finalist for the Siemens Competition in Math, Science, and Technology. This is an international competition, and Venkata was one of 4,500 students competing. He will present his research University of Texas at Austin this November.


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Siemens Competition Finalist   
Venkata Macha was named finalist for the Siemens Competition in Math, Science, and Technology.
Venkata conducts an experiment in LAMP's AP Chemistry class.

Ruchir Rastogi battles Strep Throat with antibiotic.   
Takes 3rd place in competition.

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